Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Saturday, October 5th 2019

Reiki Okuden Level (2nd level Reiki Practitioner’s Course)

Okuden brings a deeper understanding of the Reiki energies, increasing the student’s connection to the Higher Self and Universal Healing Field, thus magnifying the student’s healing potential. This is a practitioner level and gives the student core tools to work within their healing role.

There tends to be a considerable increase in healing ability. Practitioners can “send” healing to people, places, and situations, cleanse spaces energetically and work powerfully on the subtle bodies to facilitate much deeper healings for themselves and their clients.

In Okuden there is a deeper exploration of Japanese healing techniques, and the first three Reiki symbols and their mantras are given during to the student.

The Reiki symbols are keys that help to connect to your higher self energies. You can view them as push-buttons that help you to manifest your desire since the symbols quickly connect the user to the universal life force (also known as ki, chi or prana). When a Reiki Master passes an attunement to a student, the energy of the symbol is impressed upon the student’s mind and opens the student’s energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to the metaphysical energies it represents.

Reiki Second Degree Class Schedule:

Note: Arrive at 9.30am. Finish time no later than 5.30pm

  • General Introduction: reviews what has happened since First Degree
  • Talk: the original system that Usui taught and how we can echo the original approaches
  • ‘Second Degree’ empowerment: first of three connections to Reiki
  • Talk: earth ki and heavenly ki and the use of symbols to represent these energies
  • Practice session: Go through energy exercises to experience earth ki
  • ‘Second Degree’ empowerment: second of three connections to Reiki
  • Practice Session: Go through energy exercises to experience heavenly ki, and compare with earth ki
  • Talk: using these two energies in a treatment context
  • Practice session: using the two energies on each other
  • ‘Second Degree’ empowerment: third of three connections to Reiki
  • Talk: Oneness and Distant healing: various approaches explored
  • Practice: distant healing session


  • Talk: the use of intent to direct energy
  • Practice session: various methods of directing energy – using visualisation and intent – includes “many hands” and eye method
  • Talk: working intuitively using the Japanese approach called “Reiji ho”
  • Long Practice session: opening to intuition and allowing the energy guide your hands
  • Conclusion

Cost and Enrollment:

Prerequisite: Reiki Shoden Level class from me. If you have taken Shoden level from another lineage, please send me your lineage line and the manual you learned from.

Registration and payment are required to secure your spot. Cost is $150 and that includes your manual and the certificate.

Once you registered, you will be emailed the manual at least a week ahead of the course. You will be instructed to read the manual ahead of time as your homework component. You will also be notified as to the location where the course is being held.