Hedgehog – Be a Magnet

Hedgehog – Be a Magnet

A Reading for the week of March 17, 2019

From The Archangel Animal Oracle deck by Diane Cooper.  Artwork by Marjolein Kruijt

Key Statement:   Be a Magnet for Light, Love and Joy – Hedgehog Spirit

Headhogs originate from Orion, the plane of wisdom and enlightenment. Despite their prickles, they radiate harmlessness so that humans feel safe with them. They make people laugh and feel happy. This allows them to open up to universal information in a way that lets them absorb wisdom.   Big things really do come in small packages.

Being curious, you tend to explore but evaluate conditions by taking the help of your hidden self-reliance, grace,andstyle and eventually emerge triumphant.

These little creatures work with a beautiful Archangel Gabriel. They radiate his pure white light and blaze a trail of it wherever they travel. Within it are held the keys of codes of happiness, peace, clarity and other ascension qualities.

The Angels of Orion sing over hedgehogs and the angel sonics purify the area around them. This helps you to heal your past and light up your future by moving forward.  It is also a time to forgive within, without and around you. Some purification of your energy and surroundings may be necessary and is of the utmost importance.

Their service is to consume unwanted grubs such as old habits and concerns.

This card is a reminder to laugh at your troubles and take them lightly. Invoke Father of all Creation and centre yourself in his pure white light, so that you absorb the keys and codes of the ascension qualities he carries.  Then open yourself to the Angels of Orion, who come to you when you connect with the hedgehogs. Their sonics, even though you may not be able to hear them, will enable you to rise above your past and create a happy, joyous and love filled future.  It will restore your power supply.

Remember that you, too, can profoundly affect those around you. When you feel your aura with white light, it touches others and enables them to laugh and see higher possibilities. You are invited to take yourself and your loved ones into a relaxed, peaceful world, full of fun and laughter.  Setting positive boundaries for yourself in the presence of those around you, allows the white light to expand within you. Those with Hedgehog spirit will know how to take care of themselves and do so with grace and style.

Lastly, planting and gardening is beneficial to you as hedgehog is closely connected to the nurturing energies of Mother Earth.  Take time to ground yourself with the earth’s energies as they will help you become more aware of opportunities in your reach.

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