Love Yourself Self Affirmations

Love Yourself Self Affirmations

We all go through life, forming and building many different kinds of relationships with friends, coworkers, lovers, relatives, acquaintances, etc. What we learn and experience, is that anybody may come and go at any given moment. There is only one relationship that always endure throughout your life, and that is the relationship you have with yourself. If that relationship with yourself is strain by guilt, dislike, emotional distance or distrust, then your external bonds will also suffer.

Remember, self love does not mean selfishness. Selfishness implies looking only after your own interests to the exclusion of everything else, whereas self-love is essential to loving everyone else.

Lack of self-love also creates a sense of unworthiness, which diminishes self-esteem. If we see ourselves unworthy, then naturally we will not do anything to satisfy ourselves. The result is not taking care of oneself, lacking enthusiasm and joy, which are all unfavourable.

Lack of self-love have been linked to everything from failure in life to a host of fictitious and real diseases. This comes from the mind. When we are negative to ourselves and to others, stress and tension increases. This result in disruption in the brain’s functions being disrupted on the long term and can result in severe long-term complications. In other words, if one does not love oneself or hates oneself, it translates into many problems. Subconsciously, this feeling sabotages any effort at success because success brings happiness and we do not want to make someone we hate, happy. When you do not like yourself, the mind may stop caring for you and you may express this uncaring attitude by manifesting some disease in the body or mind. Self-love affirmations will put a stop to this process. The sense of peace, release of tension, and reduction of stress that these affirmations offer are due to their positive effect on the brain.

Affirmations actually rewire your brain to generate positive thoughts more easily. Much like exercise on a regular basis, saying affirmations aloud raises the level of feel-good hormones in the body and causes the brain to form new neural networks that support positive thoughts. But affirmations alone don’t change the circumstances of life. You have to translate thoughts, words and beliefs into actions in order to see results. For example, if you tell yourself in present tense, “I want to be more loving, I am becoming more loving, I am loved,” you’ll begin to affirm the truth and believe that truth. You’ll also begin to act on it; you’ll engage in behaviors that reflect your newfound understanding of your beauty (see Ephesians 4:15-16). Because you are loved, you may begin to take better care of yourself and carry yourself differently. When you believe what you say, you act on it, and draw your affirmation into reality. And you will begin to understand that loving yourself is most definitely part of God creation. You are created in God’s likeness and God’s image (Genesis 1:26).

Metaphysically, affirmations affect the universal consciousness that is spirit. You heard the term, “power of the word?” It applies here in this way. When you think them, you change your body’s energy field, which affects the energy field that is universal consciousness. When you speak them, you emit a sound wave that travels through the air and interacts with the whole consciousness. Remember that a thought is an inner activity, while speech has an outward effect. This is why it’s so important to speak your positive thoughts. The universal consciousness will respond in kind, so you should be aware of what thoughts and affirmations you are sending out into the energy field that is shared by all. Affirm the very best about yourself and your life. And make yourself believe what you are saying — that is the key to affirming speech into reality.

Maintaining a healthy sense of self-love is crucial to your overall well-being. The more you accept, understand, and appreciate yourself, the more you thrive under any circumstances.

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