A Reading for the week of March 3, 2019

From Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diane Cooper.  Artwork by Majjolein Krujit.

Key Statement:   Lead as a powerful, peaceful warrior – Archangels Metatron and Joules

These formidable fish are fifth dimensional originate from the Nigallay, the ascended aspect of Mars.  Within the oceans they are spiritual leaders who demonstrate discipline, duty, honour and focus.  They protect those who need it as they carry out their soul mission of keeping life in the waters in divine right order. They also form an integral part of the spiritual army that protects the knowledge held by the Dolphins.   They are the journey-makers.

Sharks are very psychic. They have developed all their senses and use them to locate the tiniest vibration in the water. They also use their senses to fulfill their service mission, which is to scavenge and keep the oceans clear and clean.   Sharks can sniff out whey most need.  Additionally, Shark medicine includes the ability of adapting in harsh environments and coming out safely.  Shark also confirms self-trust and moves in a forward momentum in life. 

By allowing their numbers to be decimated, the large sharks are drawing our attention to the importance of ecological balance.

Their higher diamond light codes have now been activated so that they can connect to their home planet and other parts of the universe.   There will be a greater connection with the spiritual realm.

This is the master card of the peaceful spiritual warrior.  You are called on to strengthen and discipline yourself, claim your power and act as a calm wise influence for the highest good of all. To do this effectively, you need to develop all five senses to tune into the needs of those around you.

Because you are strong, sensitive and important, you may have sacrificed yourself in some way for the common good.  This is also the time of fearless facing those things or people who hold you back.  Also, this is the time of not allowing outside opinions and judgments to suppress our natural instincts to live life to its fullest.  Your guidance is to examine your life and decide what brings your satisfaction. Bring more of these things into your life so that your wise leadership is founded on a feeling of personal contentment.       

Shark does what it wants, when and how.  Shark has a primal knowing that “we were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone.”  Marianne Williamson.

Bottom line, you were born with all the skills and power you need to go what you truly desire.  It’s time to move ahead.  Bottom line, shark appears to you to give you the push that you need when you are losing your motivation.

In the end, there are five points you need to remember with shark medicine:  Sharks represents power.  You fight for what you want.  You need to hone your senses.  You need to read signals coming from other people, and you need to learn to enjoy life.

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