The Spirit of Challenge/Owl

The Spirit of Challenge/Owl

A Reading for the week of March 24, 2019

From The Shaman’s Oracle – Wisdom and Guidance from the Ancestors by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan.

Key Statement: Accessing courage, determination in the face of adversity, taking  risks, facing up to opposition, drawing the energy to move ahead, reassessment of resources.

I am the spirit of challenge. I challenge you to look at your life and to change it. (The meaning of the owl has something to do with change or transition.  It denotes an approaching even that will affect life as you know it.) I challenge you to forge ahead on your path despite opposition. I challenge you to look again at tasks that seem insurmountable and to accept the risks you face in trying to accomplish them. (This change may not be huge, but it can push you to leave old habits and behind and grab an opportunity to create new and healthy ones. It can also usher in better things that can improve your life and take on a new direction.)  I demand the highest degree of perseverance and determination you can mustard. With me at your side, you can tackle challenges that might otherwise deter you. Together we can face the hardest tests and emerge victorious.

Challenges confront as constantly as we try to adapt to life’s changing circumstances, fend off various pressures and work towards our goals. They may be physical or emotional; they may be frightening or puzzling. Many of the challenges we face are intrinsic to our chosen destiny, but others rush at us from nowhere – as by-products of chance – for example, unemployment or ill-health.  The spirit of challenge is demanding and versus us to address head on the obstacles that lie need our way. It allows us no room for procrastination or avoidance, and a return offers us the satisfaction of success.

Although you find life’s mysteries completely fascinating, its time to seek to make sense of things that you do not understand and try to come up with best solutions. 

Remember, when you see owl, it serves as a wake up call … your cue to try harder, be kinder and get more serious with your life.  You are being called to be aware of the winds of change and look at the changes in a positive way.

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