Upcoming Workshops & Classes 2021

Upcoming Workshops & Classes 2021

Friday, June 18th – 6:30 pm to 9 pm and Saturday, June 19th 9 am to 4 pm

Reiki Shoden Level (First level Reiki Beginner’s Course)

Shoden is a Japanese word meaning ‘first teachings’. It is the first level of teaching in the traditional Japanese branch of Reiki called Usui Reiki Ryoho.

This ten hour course offers a practical approach to understanding the system of Reiki, its benefits for you, and your loved ones. It’s ideal for anyone wishing to learn self healing and to be able to help friends and loved ones as well as family pets. Each student will be giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment which will help you gain an understanding of what Reiki Healing is like. Each student will also learn traditional Japanese-style Reiki meditations which will help you build on this energetic knowledge and support you in your own healing process. During the meditation, you will receive Reiju empowerments as part of attunements to Reiki. Shoden will teach you to work intuitively and to bring that instinctual balance into your everyday life.

After completing Shoden in-person, you are encouraged to keep practicing on yourself and others. This will help keep Reiki energy continue and build its strength.

Healing is like ‘making you whole’; creating balance in your life. Studying the system of Reiki is a spiritual journey – one that is undertaken by you with every support offered during, and after.

Benefits of Shoden

  • Learn to relax
  • Gain a clear understanding of energy work
  • Experience emotional and physical release
  • Feel comfortable with yourself
  • Develop your compassionate and loving aspects
  • Help others
  • Feel strong
  • Be knowledgeable about the system of Reiki
  • Receive individual ongoing attention and guidance from your Reiki Master Teacher.
  • Receive a certification of course completion.

Reiki Shoden Level (First Degree) Class Schedule

Friday evening from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm

  • One and half days in a small group setting
  • A brief history of Reiki and its founder, Usui Mikao
  • The Reiki Precepts
  • Learn the five fundamental elements of the system of Reiki from a Japanese perspective
  • Japanese Meditations, foundation techniques, Reiki Attunements
  • How to conduct a hands-on healing treatment for yourself and others
  • How to set up a routine of daily self-practice including self-treatment, meditation, and contemplation on the precepts
  • Morning and afternoon tea, and refreshments is provided Please bring your lunch on Saturday
  • Certification upon successful completion of the course

At the end of the course, you should be able to …..

  • Set up a daily practice of self-healing and meditation that will initiate positive changes and greater inner peace in your life
  • Practice self-healing as well as being able to utilize Reiki to help friends and family
  • Have a greater understanding of energy and how it works in your life
  • Achieve Reiki Level 1 Certification in Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Access ongoing teacher and peer support for your Reiki practice

Cost and Enrollment:

Registration and payment are required to secure your spot. Cost is $100 and that includes your manual and the certificate.

Once you registered, you will be emailed a manual couple of days ahead of the course. You will be instructed to read the manual ahead of time as your homework component. You will also be notified as to the location where the course is being held.