House Cleansing/Blessing

House Cleansing/Blessing

Your home and your belongings absorb all kinds of energy, both positive and negative, and holds onto it. This energy reflects and affects the people and animals living there. The energy can change when guests visit, when your emotions are altered for an extended period and when drastic changes occur in your life. Depending on the situation, the energy will become more positive or negative with each change or use.

A house cleansing and a blessing can be done to remove any negative energies that might be lurking in your home and to promote positive energy, harmony, and balance. It also brings protection from unwanted outside influences on your home. Many people look at this as “environmental healing.” You want your home to be filled with love, peace, and harmony. This home cleansing/blessing is especially useful when…

• Moving into a new house,
• There has been a lot of negativity there,
• There has been a lot of sadness or grief,
• You experienced a bad traumatic event in your home,
• You’ve had a run of bad luck,
• Your home has gone through major renovations,
• You sense an unwelcome energy-being or ghost,
• You brought in antiques or second-hand items to your home,
• Any time the energy feels heavy, dark, lethargic, or grungy.

Negative energies have a habit of collecting in our living spaces, and this affects our lives.

This ritual is also performed to acknowledge that one cycle has ended and announce the beginning of another – a fresh new starting point in your energetic, vibrational and spiritual connection to your world. And since your home is the center of your personal world, it is appropriate to clear the entire space & make it ready for the next cycle.

A typical clearing takes about 90 minutes but depending on the size of the house it might take up to 3-4 hours. Because of releasing unwanted negative energies and entities, you will feel much lighter and your dwelling will have a positive flow of energy.

There are many benefits in clearing the energies of your home, business, space. Contact me today for an expert opinion or consultation.

Cost: $175.00 plus (depending on size.  There is an extra cost to travel outside of Chilliwack)


Phone: (425) 247 0798 (out of BC)
or (604) 316 1028 (in BC)