Ancestor of Illusion / Gazelle

Ancestor of Illusion / Gazelle

A Reading for the week of May 19, 2019

From The Shaman’s Oracle – Wisdom and Guidance from the Ancestors by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan. 

Statement:  I am the ancestor of illusion. I can show you the true nature of those things around us that may appear to be beautiful but have a darker side hidden behind them here.  Life has many aspects that seem other than they truly are — my deep insight can uncover the reality behind this surface sheen. I will walk beside you and ensure that you are not led astray by appearances before you reach your true goal or your true resting place.

Illusion can often trap us easily — we are only too willing to become ensnared, because the truth is something, we would find uncomfortable.  The ancestor of illusion (here presented by its opposite, the tranquil image of the gazelle drinking from the waters of truth) serves to teach us the folly of such willful self deception. The truth is always available to anyone who is patient enough to stock it. With this ancestor stepping elegantly by our side, we are led to recognise the beauty of truth and the deceptive character of falsehood. Once we achieve this insight, we will never opt for delusion again.


The gazelle is a symbol of rising against adversity using talents that are inherent to you. Each creature under the sun has its own adaptation against the dangers around it, and it is up to us to find ours.  We can also be at ease with our vulnerability. It is also a symbol of agility and alacrity, of alertness, self-awareness and consciousness. It is also worthwhile to recognize that the gazelle, even in flight, exudes beauty and elegance. Hence, it is also a symbol of grace under pressure.

From a spiritual perspective, what can we learn from Gazelle’s behavior? In life, we go through many challenges and difficulties that may overwhelm us and fail to find reasonable lasting solutions. Some people tend to run away from reality by avoiding challenges. They eventually end up with even more problems such as depression, heart disease among other diseases caused by drinking too much alcohol, overeating and other addictions. There is a danger of diverting the attention to other people because they fail to examine themselves and understand who and what they really are.  Thus, the illusion of themselves.

It is also important to acquire skills that can be useful to us in life. Gazelle can help us discover and explore our strengths and overcome our weaknesses when we change direction that is required  to be the best way to free ourselves and to prevent ourselves from being consumed by the hungry beasts of our pasts, lurking in the shadows of our minds. We need to put all your energy into a positive way of living and thinking. This ability also ties in with the gazelle’s vulnerability. When we step onto an unknown path, we feel vulnerable. We need to discover insightful skills of solving problems rather than avoiding them. When faced with challenges we end up with perfect solutions that eliminate the problems.

Gazelle shows us that with awareness and skill we can be comfortable discovering and exploring the unknown.  You can choose to embrace the adventure of life or you can choose to get discouraged and destroy the chances you have in the future.  When we choose to love life, we love ourselves and those around us. We free ourselves from many struggles in this world because we think life is good. Gazelle animal medicine suggest that you need to try to think about how you can release yourself from life’s struggles.

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