Angels are always near us, looking over us and protecting us and we very rarely know that they are there.  They are there to love and support us.  Sometimes, angels will send us small signs that can be anything from a subtle flash of light, a rainbow on a gloomy day, or even an unexpected, sudden feeling of love and warmth within you.  Angels are full of pure of love and light that their energy is so light and fine that you may miss them altogether.  These spiritual beings are high and light vibrational energy and are connected to the spiritual realm and carries out the Divine will.

One of the ultimate signs your angels are with you is finding a feather. Coming across a feather in your path, or finding a feather in an unexpected place is thought to be a message from the angels.  It is also a reminder that the angels are with you.

Angels will use feathers of all different shapes and colours to offer you comfort or validation when you need it most. Feathers could also be a clue to an answer you have been looking for, or even a message to tell you you’re on the correct path.

Don’t worry too much about the specific meaning though, just be open and if there are something specific the angels want you to know, it will appear. The good thing about angel messages is they are repetitive until you ‘get it’ so if you miss it the first time, they’ll send you the message in another way.  Feathers represent a lot of things to a lot of different people. There are some overarching concepts that describe the symbolic meaning of feathers:  truth, speed, spirit, travel, heaven, levity, flight, messages, ascension and fertility

Now here’s the thing, you are NOT to pick up a feather in order to acknowledge the message, guidance, and angelic presence it reminds of.  Finding feathers in and of itself is a blessing and a signal that your angels are with you.  Use this moment to remind you to return to presence yourself, and to thank the angels for their presence and assistance in your life.

I personally never pick up the many feathers that appear on my path… Though I do often photograph them!  Have you found a feather recently? Take a look below to find out what it could mean.

White – Crown Chakra:  to keep the faith, Christ consciousness, purity, cleansing, you are being supported and protected.  Loved ones to who have crossed over.

Red – Root Chakra:   life force energy, passion, emotions, message of strength, stability and good fortune.

Pink: unconditional love, romance, soulmate, friendships, caring, compassion, empathy, gentleness, feelings, service, inspiration, faithfulness.

Orange –Sacral Chakra: sex, intimacy, attraction, will power, optimism, messages of creativity, inner voice, staying positive to get success

Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra: intuition and psychic ability, being cheerful, lighthearted, encouraging you to smile, have fun and enjoy life!

Blue – Throat Chakra:  calm, peaceful energy, connecting to spirits, awareness, communication and a reminder to listen, speaking your truth, mental abilities, knowledge

Green – Heart Chakra: abundance and money, well-being, relationships, harmony, health and love, animal spirits

Gray: call to return to peace within, neutral, answer may not be as straightforward as first thought.

Brown: grounding, stability, respect and balance between physical and spiritual, nudge that you are on the right track, wisdom and attainment of mastery, authenticity.

Black: protection, spiritual wisdom and magic that is accessible by you within, standing strong and setting strong boundaries, while remain aware,

Purple – Crown Chakra: universal consciousness, spiritual connection, messages of deep spirituality, opening of psychic and spiritual sights, transmutation of negative energy.

Possible Meanings of Finding Feathers

  • Feathers are a reminder to count our blessings and be thankful for the good stuff going on in our lives.
  • Feathers are a symbol of levity. When seen, they remind us ease up on all the seriousness. Take a breath, relax, enjoy.
  • If feathers really are a communication tool to and from the gods, then their appearance is a reminder to listen to the bigger voice – as in a higher power.
  • Feathers often show up when there is someone or something
    that wants to reach out to us. Sometimes this might be a loved one who has passed into non-physical. A feather is a reminder you are loved by infinite people (both here on earth and otherwise).


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