Love Yourself Self Affirmations Exercise

Love Yourself Self Affirmations Exercise


Each morning, when you wake up, I want you to go to the mirror and look into your eyes and affirm the truth that you are a perfect expression of Divine love. Say aloud, “I am worthy of all the wonderful expression of joy and love in the universe.” Then say to yourself with deep feeling “I love you.” Then end it by saying, “Thank you, God, for another day in which to experience love!”

Keep doing the affirmations and you will come to love yourself more. Then, it will be easier to face the truth about the actions you have taken and the way you’ve interacted with others. Self-love and trust is the healing force of divine love.

Don’t forget to follow through on your intentions of self-love with positive action. Take care of your body, engage in activities that revitalize you, and heed the voice of your true self. Some examples include starting a healthier lifestyle, walking, hiking, reading, go to the theatre, eat out with a friend at restaurant, join a club, etc.

Once you believe that you are loved, have a look at the following affirmations that you can use to help you with various issues. I will post more affirmations graphics that may help you in areas that you need support on.

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loveyourself-5 loveyourself-6 loveyourself-7 loveyourself-8

loveyourself-9 loveyourself-10 Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, UK | National Trust Woodlands carp loveyourself-12

loveyourself-13 loveyourself-14

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