Skunk Spirit/Worth

Skunk Spirit/Worth

A Reading for the week of March 10, 2019

From The Spirit Animal Oracle deck.  Artwork by Jena Dellagrottaglia.

Key Statement:   Know your Worth/ Know Who You Are – Skunk Spirit

What do you value?  What do you believe in is your best most authentic self on display?  Skunk spirit comes as a reminder that you can be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. Know you’re worth.  Skunk spirit is presenting you with the perfect opportunity to become more confident in your interaction with others.  Not everyone will agree with you or share your values, but you can walk with your head high, knowing that when you express your integrity, others can feel your authenticity and will be inspired by it. You must realize that you can meet life’s challenges with a calm and peaceful heart.  Be who you are, and if your reputation precedes you, good! You have much to be proud of, and Skunk spirit wants you to be your best self, the true you.

Not everyone will appreciate you; many people have issues of their own to address, and you may trigger something in them, but if so, no matter. Skunk spirit cause you to be fully yourself, without apology. Now is the time for honesty and admitting that that something does not sit right for you. Skunk Spirit may be letting you know that you do have the courage and willpower to raise a stink to make right something that is so wrong.  In other words, justice needs to prevail at this time.  Just remember that you do not need to “spray” to be compelling.  You deserve the self respect that comes when you’re courageously choose to stand up calmly and confidently for yourself and speak your truth in love. Remember who you are and what really matters to you, act with integrity. You will be so glad you did.

In summary, skunk is based in the three aspects of its meaning:  protection, independence and self respect.  You will need to implement these aspects of the skunk’s qualities as because as humble as these little creatures are, they are gentle and powerful.  You just need to be assertive about your own power and trust your ability to “project” your protective nature like the skunk projects its defensive scent.

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